Welcome to the Grand Estate. A beautiful home that needed the new owner's touch to make it blossom and come alive. Our clients moved from a beautifully furnished new home in an upscale development complete with many closets, custom built-ins and furnishings, great for raising a family but lacking in the tranquility that this peaceful Estate offers. Surrounded by lovely gardens and great traditional style, not only was their family growing but so was their business, they needed a home where they could entertaining large groups and a home that would fit their busy life style giving an element of tranquility when respite time was necessary. This is a story of what to keep and what to donate. A story of what you cherish but needs to be restored and what you like but needs to be refreshed. We started by removing building materials that did not belong to the period of the house and inventorying what fit the new home and what did not. There was a lot of editing involved when deciding what to add. The original hand painted mural in the Foyer needed to be restored. It provided the start of a new color palette throughout. Paint and wallcovering were selected to blend with the two story mural. Bamboo floors were removed to reveal appropriate oak floors below. All floors were refinished, areas were redefined to serve new purposes, along with placement of furnishings, custom window treatment, lighting, accessories and artwork.